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Welcome to the next level of engagement in sim racing!

Usually, entry-level often implies low quality of materials, fragile construction quality that can result in reliability issues and shorter product lifespan. Our approach is different; we don’t compromise on quality because we want the same reliability and excellent performance across our product range. We maintain the same quality materials in all our products, but to achieve the perfect price, we’ve chosen to reduce some features.

Included in this set:

La Prima™ Sim Racing Pedals for brake and accelerator
La Prima™ Direct Drive Wheelbase 12Nm
La Prima™ Formula Rat

      Product details

      Introducing Asetek SimSports® La Prima Sim Racing Gear

      Our design is created with the user experience in mind, with all adjustable elements color-coded for easy start-up and intuitive, virtually tool-free use. The La Prima sim pedals are highly adjustable, allowing you to customize the travel and hardness settings to your preferences and unleash your inner racer. With Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ software, you’ll be ready to drive in no time.

      Made from comfortable, soft and durable silicone rubber that’s easy to clean and sanitize, the ergonomic handles will give you ultimate comfort and control whether you’re wearing racing gloves or not. Easily change the handles to implement future upgrades, including color, size, shape and hardness.

      The face of the steering wheel is made from a 2mm woven carbon fiber plate that provides an elegant home for all buttons and switches. Asetek Simsports® La Prima Formula Rat gives you 128 individual input options that can be customized and mapped to your needs. All buttons, switches and knobs meet high quality standards and are fully tested for reliable daily use.

      The back comes standard with two contactless magnetic shift paddles that can be upgraded to dual clutch for perfect race starts. The steering wheel has 15 fully customizable ARGB LED rake lights that not only customize the look, but also help with split-second gear changes. These LEDs can be adjusted, dimmed and customized in color via RaceHub™.

      Introducing La Prima Ratbase by Asetek SimSports®

      The La Prima Ratbase from Asetek SimSports® provides a smooth, super-responsive and accurate feedback experience. Whether you choose basic La Prima™ or top-class Invicta™ products, Asetek SimSports® guarantees the same quality and technical expertise. All wheelbases in the 12-27Nm range are equipped with an advanced 22-bit encoder, slip ring and electronics for an unrivaled driving experience.

      Inspired by real racing, the La Prima™ Sim Racing Pedals are thoroughly tested by professionals and designed for a realistic braking experience without breaking the budget. Although La Prima™ is entry-level, we don’t compromise on quality, materials or adjustability. The La Prima™ pedal set is upgradeable and can be easily customized with Forte® or Invicta™ upgrade packs to match your preferences.

      When you invest in an Asetek SimSports® pedal set, you’re not only ensuring quality, but also a future-proof platform that makes upgrading to high-end models like Forte® or Invicta™ simple and cost-effective. Your purchase of the La Prima™ pedal set is not just an entry level, but a long-term investment in sim-racing excellence.

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