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Our refurbished products are an affordable solution for quality-conscious customers. Every product is factory refurbished by Asetek SimSports® to ensure reliable performance at a lower price

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We are your trusted source for advanced sim racing equipment. As an authorized Asetek SimSports® dealer, we offer top quality solutions for your sim racing experience.

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Valdemar Eriksen

Valdemar Eriksen


Thomas Vilhelmsen


Thomas, now 20 years old, has had a passion for racing cars dating back to his early childhood. At the age of 12, he was caught up in the world of motorsport, which kick-started his journey into the world of sim racing. This fascination with cars and competition led him to begin his sim racing career, and in 2017 he invested in his first set of steering wheels and pedals.

He has also had the opportunity to test his skills on real race tracks and cars. His experience includes participating in Scirocco Cup and Mitjet 2L test days. This has given him an insight into the challenges and demands of driving race cars.

Today, he is the co-founder of MySimShop, where he hopes to share his passion for racing with the rest of the world.


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