La Prima Direct Drive Ratbase


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La Prima Ratbase by Asetek SimSports® – Experience an extraordinary driving experience with our advanced steering wheel base. With super-responsive feedback and an impressive resolution of 0.000085 degrees, you can enjoy an authentic racing experience without compromising on quality. Whether you choose our basic La Prima™ range or our top-of-the-line Invicta™ products, you can expect the same unmatched quality and user experience. Designed for durability and precision, the La Prima Ratbase is the ultimate solution, ideal for both novice and experienced sim racers.

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      Introducing the La Prima Ratbase by Asetek SimSports®

      With the La Prima Ratbase from Asetek SimSports®, you can look forward to a smooth, super-responsive and accurate feedback experience. Here you are able to detect even the smallest bumps and obstacles on your virtual road. For example, each Asetek SimSports® steering wheel base offers an incredible resolution of 0.000085 degrees or approximately 4,000,000 steps in just a single rotation of the wheel! With an Asetek SimSports® Ratbase, you don’t have to make tough choices between an authentic, premium driving experience and affordability. Here you get it all!

      Whether you choose our basic La Prima™ range or our top-of-the-line Invicta™ products, Asetek SimSports® guarantees the same quality, durability and technical expertise. Most importantly, you can expect the same great user experience. Each wheelbase in the 12-27Nm range is equipped with an advanced 22-bit encoder, slip ring and electronics that provide an unrivaled driving experience and eliminate issues like stuttering and lag. Naturally, all vital components are made from durable materials such as aluminum and steel.

      With La Prima Ratbase, you get a versatile and powerful solution for sim racing, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced racer. Experience the ultimate driving experience with Asetek SimSports® – all designed to last and meet the high standards of quality our customers expect from our products. Get ready to dominate the track and immerse yourself in your virtual racing car world.

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