La Prima™ Clutch System

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Experience authentic racing with the La Prima™ Clutch System – our entry-level pedal set that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance. Although it’s our affordable model, it’s identical to our high-end Invicta™ series, but with some optional features removed to offer you the best value. Upgradeable to Invicta™ in the future, so your purchase is future-proofed. Drive with confidence, precision and the feel of a real race car. Compatible with our Invicta™, Forte® and La Prima™ Brake and Throttle. Get ready to create your ultimate sim racing setup!

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      Although La Prima™ is our entry-level range, don’t be fooled! Unlike many other fragile entry-level pedals on the market, we haven’t compromised on quality, materials, design or adjustability – these are identical to our high-end model, the Invicta™. We have simply removed some features that are not essential, such as RGB strip and clutch bite point assembly. Instead, we installed a harder torsion spring. When you buy an Asetek SimSports® pedal set, you buy into a platform and if you later want to upgrade to the Invicta™ clutch system, you simply buy an upgrade package and you only pay for the upgrade itself. That way, your purchase is future-proofed. Better for you – better for the environment.

      This La Prima™ Clutch system is compatible with Invicta™ Brake and Throttle, Forte® Brake and Throttle, and La Prima™ Brake and Throttle – but will not function as a standalone product.

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