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Optimize your racing experience with the Asetek SimSports® Button Box, offering a versatile selection of wheel styles and materials for every type of racing. Choose between rally and GT styles using interchangeable handles and customize your steering wheel to your exact preference.

Full control with 84 individual input options: Asetek SimSports® Button Box gives you all the tools you need to take the lead and win. With 84 individual input options, easy-to-reach buttons, encoders and switches, you’re ready to make quick adjustments on the go. Activate DRS, adjust brake balance, manage traction control or turn on the wipers – we’ve got you covered. Optimize your racing with the Asetek SimSports® Button Box and experience ultimate control on the track!

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      From rally to GT – A steering wheel for every type of racing: When you purchase an Asetek SimSports® Button Box, you gain access to different steering wheel styles and materials, essentially opening up a wide range of steering wheel designs for almost any type of racing.

      Your steering wheel, your choice: When it comes to sim racing, the type of steering wheel you choose can have a significant impact on your experience. That’s why we’ve designed a wide range of steering wheels so you don’t have to compromise on your performance. Each steering wheel is designed with specific racing types in mind, and knowing how to use them to your advantage is crucial. Whether you’re navigating slippery tracks, mastering GT cars, tackling rally challenges or performing daring drift maneuvers, there’s a steering wheel designed to complement your racing journey.

      Designed for strength and rigidity: Most steering wheels, whether for sim or real-world racing, get their strength and rigidity from the faceplate and handles, often in a closed construction, meaning the handles are mechanically connected at both ends. The downside of this is that the handles are locked in size and design. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”, which is why we designed our steering wheels with interchangeable handles.

      All the input you’ll ever need: With 84 individual setting options, this button box gives you all the options you need to take the lead and secure victory. Every button, encoder and switch is within easy reach for simple adjustments on the go. All buttons and encoders can be mapped, whether you need to activate DRS, adjust brake balance and traction control or turn on the wipers, we’ve got you covered.

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