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Enter the world of sim racing with unbeatable style and performance! The Invicta Sim Racing boots are the ultimate tool for perfect control and stability on the race track. With their thin rubber sole and classic Asetek SimSports® design, these boots are made to give you the optimal grip, comfort and breathability to crush the competition and dominate the race. Whether you’re an experienced racer or a beginner, the Invicta Sim Racing boots will give you the confidence and precision you need to race at world-class level. Fire up your feet and experience the ultimate sim racing experience with the Invicta Sim Racing boots!

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      To perform at your best and stay invincible, you need the right equipment. Imagine, after hours of driving with your feet against aluminum pedal plates, squeezing your brake to hit the apex on every corner of the Spa, your feet start to cramp and you lose your grip on the pedal. Why you need sim racing boots!

      Invicta Sim Racing boots are made with a thin rubber sole that gives you the perfect, stable grip you need to perform at your best. The smooth, elegant boots with classic Asetek SimSports® design are developed with full immersion and comfort in mind. The front has perforations for maximum breathability and the tongue is padded for extra comfort to make your sim racing experience effortless. The boots are equipped with a self-fastening strap and laces for easy adjustment and a perfect fit. The Invicta Sim Racing boots give you solid footing and comfort so you can dominate the race track effortlessly!

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