Forte® S-Series Brake & Speeder

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Take your sim racing experience to new heights with Forte® S-Series Brake and Throttle!

Now you can get exactly the setup you want! Forte® S-Series Brake and Throttle is the separated version of our popular pedals, giving you full control over the distance between accelerator and brake – up to 100 mm apart. This means you can customize the pedals to your exact preferences and even mount them upside down!

Forte® S-Series pedals are designed to give you an authentic race car feel without going fully hydraulic. Our M.L.C.P.C (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder) brake cylinder gives you the closest experience to realistic braking in sim racing. With adjustability from soft to hard, the pedals retain their feel over time – you get the same quality and performance time after time.

With user-friendly construction and color-coded adjustments, Forte® S-Series pedals are incredibly easy to customize to your preferences. And with our Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ software, you’ll be ready to race in no time!

Give yourself the freedom to create the ultimate sim racing setup with Forte® S-Series Brake and Throttle – your next step to victory!

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      You’ve been asking for them, and now they’re here! One of the most requested features for our pedals was the ability to mount them separately, and now you finally can!

      Forte® S-Series Brake and Throttle are the Forte® pedals as you know them – just separated.

      This version of the Forte® Sim Racing Pedals allows you to decide and adjust the distance between accelerator and brake up to 100 mm apart. This feature allows you to design your sim racing setup to suit your exact preferences, and you can even mount the pedals in reverse. Connected with just a single cable.

      If you’ve been looking for the best brake pedal feel without going fully hydraulic, look no further! The brake pedal on the Forte® pedal set can be adjusted from soft to hard, and it will stay at that setting.

      The Asetek SimSports® M.L.C.P.C (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder) brake cylinder gives you authentic race car driving without going fully hydraulic. The Sim racing pedal set is “Made in Denmark” in every respect – designed, developed and assembled in Denmark.

      The brake cylinder has a specially designed loadcell sensor that detects actual changes in force on the pedal surface, up to 180 kg of force on the pedal surface itself (with hardest elastomer 4000N pressed 12 mm / until the 2nd stage is activated), making it the closest experience to realistic brake pedaling.

      Since the loadcell sensor is implemented with a lever mechanism, any user using the softest elastomer to the hardest elastomer will experience the full loadcell resolution from pedal release to 2nd stage.

      Forte® S-Series Brake and Throttle is designed with the user experience in mind. All adjustable elements are color-coded to make it easy to get started, and use is intuitive and virtually tool-free. Forte® Pedals are highly adjustable, allowing you to channel your inner racer by changing the travel and hardness settings to your exact preference.

      Together with the Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ software and the freedom to choose the distance between pedals, you have almost unlimited possibilities to create a unique and personalized sim racing setup.

      Please note that the Invicta™ Clutch System and La Prima™ Clutch System cannot be installed with S-Series products.

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