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Optimize your racing experience with the Asetek Simsports® Forte® Button Box. Easily switch between rally, touring and GT styles by swapping steering wheels and customize your steering precisely to your preferences. Each steering wheel is designed with specific racing types in mind, so you can navigate tracks smoothly, master GT cars, tackle rally challenges and perform daring drift maneuvers without compromising performance.

The elegant forged carbon exterior with a 2mm woven carbon faceplate provides not only a refined look, but also a functional home for all buttons and switches. The customizable LEDs for buttons, encoders, REV and flag lights add a personal touch and complete your driving experience. Optimize your setup with the Asetek Simsports® Forte® Button Box and take the lead on the track!

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      From track to dirt: Discover Asetek Simsports Button Boxes and customize your racing experience by switching the steering wheel and adapting it to your preferred driving style. Rally, Touring or GT? The choice is yours! Personalized racing: The choice of steering wheel can significantly affect your experience. That’s why Asetek Simsports has created a wide range of steering wheels so you don’t have to compromise on your performance. Each steering wheel is designed with specific racing types in mind, and knowing how to use them to your advantage is crucial. Whether you’re driving on slippery tracks, mastering GT cars, tackling rally challenges or performing daring drift maneuvers, we have a steering wheel to suit your needs. Extensive customization options: With 112 individual customization options, the Asetek Simsports® Forte® Button Box gives you all the options you need to take the lead and secure victory. Every button, encoder and switch is easily accessible for simple adjustments on the go. All buttons and encoders are bindable, whether you need to activate DRS, adjust brake balance and traction control or turn on the wipers. Extra paddle support ensures you have everything you need to stay in top shape. Strength and rigidity in design: Most steering wheels, whether for sim or real-world racing, get their strength and rigidity from the faceplate and rim, often in a closed construction. This limits the size and design of the handles. We don’t believe that “one size fits all”, which is why we designed our steering wheels with interchangeable handles. Elegant design and high quality: For maximum rigidity, we use an injection molded chassis with a composite material of carbon, glass and plastic. This material provides extreme stiffness and strength. With an elegant forged carbon exterior and a 2mm woven carbon faceplate, you get a beautiful frame for all your buttons and switches. Customizable LEDs for buttons, encoders, REV and flag lights give you everything you need and more for personalization.

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