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Give your Forte® Formula wheel a powerful upgrade with our analog dual clutch paddles! Take control of your race cars with true dual clutch action that gives you a competitive edge at the start and during gear changes. Made from a strong composite material and lightweight, they offer premium quality and comfort. With simple installation and adjustable dimensions, they fit your preferences perfectly. Discover three configuration options in RaceHub™, including individual paddles and additional buttons. Get ready to take your sim-racing skills to the next level with Asetek SimSports® analog dual clutch paddles!

      Product details

      Upgrade your Forte® Formula steering wheel with these analog dual clutch paddles.

      Inspired by real-life race cars, our analog dual paddles are designed to give you that crucial competitive edge. Experience dual clutch action for ultimate standing start and clutch-and-lock performance that helps you save those precious milliseconds!

      Made from a composite material of carbon, glass and plastic, you get a very high natural stiffness and strength that ensures premium quality and durability. They are durable and comfortable, as well as lightweight, ergonomic and low-noise.

      With a quick and easy one-screw installation, the paddles are also adjustable in width to suit all hand sizes and preferences.

      Features 3 configuration options in RaceHub™:

      Dual clutch – Use both clutch paddles to start your car quickly from a standing position. Activate both clutch paddles to enable the dual clutch function. Release one of the clutch paddles to reach the bite point. Slowly release the second clutch paddle for a smooth start. Also has the option to configure your desired bite point.

      Individual paddles – Gives you two individual axes to configure according to your preferences in your favorite sim game.

      Buttons – Configure each paddle to act as additional input buttons. Set to your liking in your favorite sim game with the exact function you want.

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