Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount


VAT included

Discover the perfect mounting solution with the Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount! Securely and easily attach your Direct Drive wheelbase to your table or setup. Adjust the wheelbase to your desired position and maximize legroom for a comfortable and deeply immersive sim-racing experience. Forget about cumbersome installations and get ready to feel at one with your virtual race car. Optimize your sim-racing setup with the Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount and take your driving pleasure to a whole new level!

      Product details

      The bottom mount can be mounted directly to your table or setup. To mount your Asetek SimSports® Direct Drive wheelbase, attach the bottom mount to the underside of the wheelbase and then mount it to your setup in your preferred position. The bottom mount must be mounted on a flat surface that supports the entire length of the mount.

      T-slot slots at the bottom of the wheelbase allow you to slide the wheelbase back and forth on the mount. This mounting solution maximizes legroom in your setup and gives you room for comfortable and fully immersive sim racing. Get ready for an ergonomic and realistic driving experience with the Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount!

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