Asetek SimSports® Mounting with Tilt


VAT included

Experience total control with the Asetek SimSports® Tilt Side Mount! Get full adjustability and find your perfect racing position. Easily glide back and forth and adjust the angle of your wheelbase for the ultimate driving experience. Forget about limitations and unleash your racing spirit. With the tilting side mount, you’re ready to conquer any course and feel the adrenaline pumping. Get ready to become one with your virtual race car and reach new speed records with the Asetek SimSports® Tilt Side Mount!

      Product details

      The side mount with tilt function is a fully adjustable mounting option for your Asetek SimSports® wheelbase. This mounting solution gives you different mounting options. T-slot slots at the bottom of your wheelbase allow you to slide the wheelbase back and forth and adjust the angle of the wheelbase by 10 degrees using 4 screws; 2 on each side of the tilt bracket, so you can find your desired driving position. Get ready for a customized and comfortable sim racing experience with the Tilt Side Mount!

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